Odd Names

This page is here solely to act as a bit of light relief. Tracing your Family Tree can throw up some odd names sometimes, ranging from the slightly unorthodox to the eccentric, cruel or insanely bizarre! 

Here's an ongoing list (in no particular order) of some of the belters I've found so far, with the help of some other genealogy friends over at Rootschat. More will be added as I find them.

1. United States Carr born 1890 in Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA.
2. Mahershalalhashbaz Tobbell born 1853 in Woolpit, Suffolk, England.
3. Rugby Mann, born 1921 in Bradford district, Yorkshire, England.
4. Joseph Honey Buzza, born 1840 in Truro district, Cornwall, England.
5. Hubert Howitzer Pearce born 1915 in West Derby district, Lancashire, England.
6. Egypt Charles Smith, born 1858 in Whitchurch, Hampshire, England.
7. Conrad August The First Schwer, born 1859 in St. George in the East district,                     London, England.
8. Nazareth Dirire Funduklian, born 1905 in Chorlton district, Lancashire, England.
9. Caroline Hangman Saunders, born 1840 in Honiton district, Devon, England.
10. Annie Hammer Cock, born 1882 in the Bodmin district of Cornwall, England
11. James Parliament Riddel, born 1848 in Westminster district, London, England.
12. Leaf Temple Phillips Dunk, born 1915 in Medway district, Kent, England.
13. Motoria Rowbottom, born 1900 in Hendon district, Middlesex, England.
14. Garton Crucifix Shepherd, born in 1865 in Manchester district, Lancashire, England.
15. Frank Fancy Bushrod, born 1897 in South Stoneham district, Hampshire, England.
16. Phonis Bithisk Nutton, born 1889 in Medway district, Kent, England.
17. Zerayder Orange Corner, born in 1867 in Hartlepool, Durham, England.
18. Ellis Poo Ball, born 1842 in Leeds district, Yorkshire, England.
19. Fanny Allday, born 1907 in Southwark, Surrey, England.
20. Frank Walrus Smith, born 1880 in Portsea Island district, Hampshire, England.
21. Wrong Chadwick Shirt, born 1854 in Ashton under Lyme district, Lancashire,                       England.
22. Alphabet Ayres, born 1870 in Amersham district, Buckinghamshire, England.
23. William Socialist Clarke, born 1894 in Aston district of Warwickshire, England.
24. John Chapel House, born 1863 in Ormskirk district, Lancashire, England.
25. Harry Austin Nurse Heaven, born in 1864 in Manchester district of Lancashire,                   England.
26. Horse Dennis, born in 1877 in Dewsbury district of Yorkshire, England.
27. Zebedee Inkerman Abbott born in 1880 in Plymouth district, Devon, England.
28. Magersfontein Paardeberg Somers, born 1900 in Warwick, England
29. Willie Warmer born 1883 in Mitford district, Suffolk, England.
30. John Neptune Blood, born 1869 in Cheltenham district, Gloucestershire, England.
31. Anzoline Ophelia Andrew, born 1862 in Falmouth district, Cornwall, England.
32. David Twitty Boocock, born 1855 in Chorlton district of Lancashire, England.
33. Richard God Thompson, born 1840 in Shoreditch district, London, England.
34. Fluffy Lawrence, born 1914 in Epping district, Surrey,  England.
35. Valentine Love, born 1852 in Milton district, Kent, England.
36. Hopeless Evans, born 1880 in Stoke upon Trent, Staffordshire, England.
37. Murder John Smith, born 1878 in St. George Hanover Square district, London,                     England.
38. Richard Blithe Cobbledick, born 1840 in St. Columb, Cornwall, England.
39. Fred Lightning Nurris, born 1871 in Oldham district, Lancashire, England.
40. Sexy Elizabeth Brodribb, born 1874 in Clutton district, Somerset, England.
41. Rameses Arblaster, born 1910 in Cannock district, Staffordshire, England.
42. Lavinia Duck Bullock, born 1861 in Chelsea district, London, England.
43. Onesimus Mountseer Baxter, born 1867 in Kensington district, London, England.
44. Minnie Cock Hutt, born 1878 in Hemsworth district, Yorkshire, England.
45. Cornelius Tortoishell, born 1864 in Uttoxeter district, Staffordshire, England.
46. John Cake Baker, born 1865 in Newton Abbot district, Devon, England.
47. Happy Balls, born 1878 in Blything district, Suffolk, England.
48. Ivanhoe Culloden Heath, born 1891 in Southampton district, Hampshire, England.
49. Arthur Wellesley Wellington Waterloo Cox, born 1860 in Dorchester district of Dorset,       England.
50. Happy Gooch, born 1864 in Loddon district, Norfolk, England.
51. Rhyme Frost, born 1846 in Sudbury district, Suffolk, England.
52. Belly Perry, born 1857 in Thornbury district, Gloucestershire, England.
53. Dorothy Strawberry Sales, born 1890 in Bromley district, Kent, England.
54. Fred Expin Nettleship, born 1889 in Southwell district of Nottinghamshire, England.
55. David Urine Looker, born 1909 in Swansea district of Glamorgan, Wales.
56. Mary Honour Square Skitch, born 1851 in Stratton district, Cornwall, England.
57. Sherwood Forrest, born 1855 in  Wirral district, Cheshire, England.
58. William Road Ferrari, born 1899 in Derby district, Derbyshire, England.
59. German Blood, born 1874 in Macclesfield district of Cheshire, England.
60. Conservative Hubbard, born 1839 in Sleaford district of Lincolnshire, England.
61. Susannah Fart, born 1840 in Stourbridge district, Worcestershire, England
62. Beech Wood, born 1910 in Leeds district, Yorkshire, England.
63. Perpetua Lansestremaire, born 1902 in St Pancras district, London, England.
64. Anorak Keily, born 1845 in Wolverhampton district, Staffordshire, England.
65. Page Turner, born in 1865 in Axminster district, Devon,  England.
66. Northumberland Brown, born 1866 in Greenwich district, London, England.
67. Palestine Louis Fox, born 1897 in Whitechapel district, London, England.
68. Mary Ann Alice Montezuma Deacon, born 1859 in Hailsham district, Sussex, England.
69. Carnation Delia Warner, born 1909 in Coventry district, Warwickshire, England.
70. Wellington Boot, born 1869 in Linton district, Cambridgeshire, Engand.
71. Liberal Reform Darby, born 1850 in Tendring district of Essex, England.
72. Chin Rolly Huggins, born 1844 in Berwick district, Northumberland, England.
73. Xenophilus Epaphrodilus Haycock Calvert, born 1842 in Huddersfield district,                   Yorkshire, England.
74. Ingram Heritage Hagger, born 1884 in Saffron Walden district, Essex, England.
75. Martha Venison Prince, born 1895 in Basford district of Nottinghamshire, England.
76. Hartley Sheepshank Holmes, born 1848 in Burnley district, Lancashire, England.
77. Gobby Casey, born 1840 in Ballyvourney, County Cork, Ireland.
78. Victory Jonas Serhalley Corp, born 1851 in Langport district of Somerset, England.
79. Mary Artery Holley, born 1861 in Wellington district, Somerset, England.
80. Who Quint, born 1898 in Whitechapel district, London, England.
81. Ben Nevis Woods, born 1908 in Stratford upon Avon district, Warwickshire, England.
82. Mephres Diagoras Holman, born 1889 in Redruth district, Cornwall, England.
83. Sarah Pissey Parsons, born 1845 in Rochford district, Essex, England.
84. Faith Hope And Charity Barratt, born in 1846 in Exeter district, Devonshire, England.
85. Millicent Spittlehouse, born 1880 in West Derby district of Lancashire, England.
86. Argentina Wyatt, born 1849 in Marylebone district, London, England.
87. Number Seven Fell, born 1879 in Alton district of Hampshire, England.
88. Francisco Juan Pablo Jesus Jose Maria Ramon de las Montoya, born 1850 in                 Marylebone district of London, England.
89. Hydrantha Bacon, born 1900 in Bakewell district, Derbyshire, England.
90. Eric Smelling Benbow, born 1907 in Hatfield district, Hertfordshire, England.
91. Queen Victoria Castle, born 1838 in Hitchin district, Hertfordshire, England.
92. Napoleon The Great Lambeth, born 1853 in Chichester district, Sussex, England.
93. Fuzzer Annie Gingero, born 1880 in Liverpool district, Lancashire, England.
94. Harry Terrible Phillips, born 1899 in Pancras district, London, England.
95. Happy Bacon, born 1904 in Devonport district, Devon, England.
96. Plato Broom Bowingbeer, born 1853 in Stockton district, Durham, England.
97. Not Wanted James Colvill, born 1861 in Lambeth district, London, England.
98. Octavius Attack, born 1842 in Bedford district, Bedfordshire, England.
99. Mary Petrol Swanson, born 1915 in Bridgend district, Glamorgan, Wales.
100. Leah Pumpkin Lewis, born 1854 in Cardiff district, Glamorgan,  Wales.
101. Tomato May, born 1889 in St. Saviour Southwark district, London, England.
102. Flowing River Lawrence, born 1887 in Cookham district, Berkshire, England.
103. Intercidoney Matthews, born 1883 in Wolstanton district, Staffordshire, England.
104. Harriot Whore, born 1843 in Ross district, Herefordshire,  England.
105. William Death Hunt, born 1850 in Chesterton district, Cambridgeshire, England.
106. Tom Census Crap, born 1861 in Truro district, Cornwall, England.
107. Ellen Marriage Sneezum, born 1845 in  Woodbridge district, Suffolk, England.
108. Diehappy Badger, born 1860 in West Bromwich district, Staffordshire, England.
109. Christmas Day, born 1877 in St. Ives district, Huntingdonshire, England.
110. Leicester Railway Cope, born 1864 in Leicester district, Leicestershire, England.
111. River Original Jordan, born 1881 in Chepstow district, Monmouth, Wales.
112. Bigland Bowler Pratt, born 1873 in Ashton district, Lancashire, England.
113. Inflexible Reuben Triggs, born 1876 in Portsea district, Hampshire, England.
114. Mineral Girl Waters, born 1892 in Rochford district, Essex.
115. Africa Bastard, born 1870 in Bromley district, Kent, England.
116. Extravangaza Muriel Maud Tompkyns Grafton, born 1871 in Ulverston district, Lancashire, England.
117. Water Board, born in 1853 in Axbridge district, Somerset, England.
118. Charlotte Happy Belcher, born 1863 in Croydon district, Surrey, England.
119. One Too Many Goulding, born in 1870 in Walthamstow district, Essex, England.
120. Adora Bickerdyke, born 1870 in Ashton Under Lyne district, Lancashire, England.
121. Pontius Pilate Hughes, born 1894 in Dewsbury district, Yorkshire West Riding, England.
122. John Beer Champion, born 1850 in Bideford district, Devon, England.
123. Content Increase Buckley, born Oldham district, Lancashire, England.
124. Florrie Venezuela Humbles, born 1889 Shoreditch district,  London, England.
125. Melbourne Congress Stamp, born 1881 in St. George Hanover Square district, London, England.
126. Abstinence Simon Spooner, born 1849 in Greenwich district, London, England.
127. Frank Half Bland, born 1849 in Northampton district, Northamptonshire, England.

128. Severing Bastendorff born in 1877 in Pancras district, London,  England.