Hello and welcome to Uprooted!

My name is Matt Reay, an amateur family history researcher in Northamptonshire, UK. I have been researching my Family Tree for over a decade now and have set up this site as a place where I can share some of the discoveries I've made and stories I've uncovered.

Genealogy is a fascinating hobby and one which gets more popular every day. So I also hope that as this site grows, it will also become a place for people who want to start researching their Family History start and get some handy tips and information on how to go about it. Over time I hope to make some guides to help with this process too!

So whether you are here to read my stories, get a little help or even if you have stumbled across Uprooted completely by mistake, I hope that you'll come back, and enjoy what you see.

Thank you for visiting Uprooted. Happy reading!